Hour Game - David Baldacci
I picked up this series because of the King and Maxwell TV show which I really enjoyed, however I am finding what I liked about the show is lacking in the books.

First the good. Baldacci has me guessing and questioning throughout the entire novel. The twistedness of the villain is realistic and scary. The bad guys are smart and well thought out. It is easy to forget that you are reading a book. Until...

The bad. King's insistence on keeping the good theories to himself is driving me nuts! He has no problem speculating on motives or suspects but as soon as he hits on actual possibilities he shuts down and keeps it to himself.

More bad. The cops and FBI are all prideful idiots who couldn't catch a criminal if they witnessed the murders themselves.

The worse. When it comes to the action of the book Baldacci strains credulity. Even he says that something happened that was a one in a billion shot.

While I enjoy the John Puller series, I am giving this series one more shot before giving it up entirely.