Eat, Pray, Love - Elizabeth Gilbert
Not worth finishing. I have nothing to learn from this selfish, self-centered and often stupid author. She really needs to seek a therapist and get her head straightened out.

I couldn't get past the Eat portion of the book. I applaud Elizabeth Gilbert for being completely open with her life and relationship however I find her to be a dis-likable, selfish person. I am glad she decided not to have kids.

She is completely against taking antidepressants but if ever there was a person who needed them it is her. It sounds to me like she had a midlife crisis and decided to quit her marriage to quickly jump into another relationship. When she got too clingy, her new boyfriend became disgusted by her and would pull away. She broke up with him and then fell into another deep depression.

The book is about more than just her relationships but these are the reasons that I gave up on the book. I kept waiting for it to go someplace inspirational or at least interesting but after a while I just gave up in boredom.