Hazardous Duty - Christy Barritt
I really enjoyed this book. Although there were times when the wrong word was used which was distracting (there are partitions in offices not petitions - this may have just been on the Kindle version). Also the actions and attitudes of the detective was irritating. I would not have dated him no matter how good looking he was. But the worst part of the book was our heroine doing things that would get herself hurt as well as hurting evidence in a trial. I can't stand stupid female leads.

I enjoyed the gentle way that God was discussed and even saw ways that I could bring Him up in casual conversation. I also found the discussion questions at the end to be very thought provoking.

The story itself was good and the plot was well thought out. Most of the characters were likable and quirky (my kind of people). I definitely thought the lead characters could be better developed and I look forward to that development in the next books.